I 💙 projects.

Over the years, I've tried my hand at a lot of projects with varying success.

Ninja Slicer

2020 LIVE

A fully online slicer I built in a few weeks to get a handle on ReactJS and a few other technologies. Was good fun building it, it was very cool to print something that was sliced from the internet.

ReactJS NodeJS/ExpressJS ThreeJS Prusaslicer AWS ECS Docker


2019-2020 LIVE

Information retrieval API to make it easier for people building on robots and AI assistants to get access to data they need in conversations.

NodeJS/ExpressJS Pug templating AngularJS AWS ec2 RESTful API Python



One of my first projects in web design was one of my most ambitious 🙃. It was effectively SolidWorks in the browser... Imagine the love-child of Google Docs and SolidWorks, that was what I was going for. Needless to say, it was a bit much for a side project. But I did learning the basics of web tech from it.

I think with WebAssembly coming through, 2020 could be the year this could actually work 🤔.

LAMP stack jQuery WebGL

Lessons learnt:

  • Founder-problem fit is as important as product-market fit.
  • Timing is imporant.

Zombie Mash


Side scroling zombie shoot 'em up games were pretty popular on Android around this time. It was actually a pretty fun game. The most difficult part was balancing the progression of difficulty.

Android Studio Java LibGDX

Lesson learnt:

  • The bar for a product to become popular is proportional to the number of similar products.



That name... 😅 hopefully I've gotten a bit better over the years. Still though, this was one of my more successful side projects. It was downloaded about 35,000 times and had an active user base of about 10k. I threw an ad on it and it earned me about €700. Buttt, it did break the guidlines for the PlayStore and was taken down 🤫.

Java Android Eclipse

Lesson learnt:

  • People will put up with a bad design/buggy program if it solves a problem.

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